Decrease of Testosterone

When men see that energy of youth and manly strength subside as they reach 40 they experience mixed feelings. As for the physical factors, they have hair loss, insomnia, problems with memory and etc. Such things make the matters worse and deteriorate the situation. Men start feeling irritated, exhausted and lose motivation. At times they also have sweating and flushing, lose muscle mass, become weaker and have pains all over. In addition to increased fat and worse performance that is complicated by ED problem they suffer from decrease of testosterone.

Almost all men that reach middle age will mainly notice these conditions in various levels. And their effect on the self confidence and assurance of an ageing person is very demoralizing. It can be compared with the female menopause. But as for this male phenomenon it is called andropause. In other words, – Partial Androgen Deficiency in the Ageing Male (PADAM) or just Aging Male Syndrome (AMS).

The whole phenomenon is caused by the slow decrease of testosterone (the male hormone). It usually starts when a man is about 30, and the level of the hormone decreases 10% in 10 years. Testosterone is responsible for sex drive maintaining, sperm production, muscle, and bone, pubic and body hair. As men ages, levels of testosterone decline and PADAM slowly comes.